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As seen in Colette Paris, Vogue, Vice/ Broadly, Elle, Refinery29, TimeOutNY, NYLON, Entrepreneur, HOW Magazine, Inc Magazine, The Dieline.


SCENTLESS APPRENTICE; Kurt Cobain at MTV Unplugged

is part of the "Portraits in Scent" group show at Olfactory Art Keller, September 8- October 29, 2022!

Opening reception: Thursday September 8th, 5-8 pm. 25 Henry St., NYC

Artist talk + multisensory screening of the show: October 29th, 4-6 pm

Scentless Apprentice gallery purchase link

Scentless Apprentice: Kurt Cobain at MTV Unplugged
Notes: Winston Lights, Stargazer lilies, black candles, tea, mohair sweater. 
Nirvana’s Unplugged performance took place November 18, 1993 in NYC. Kurt Cobain asked the stage be decorated with a lot of flowers- stargazer lilies, black candles, and a crystal chandelier. The first word uttered to test the mic was ‘mohair’ -the material of the fuzzy grey cardigan he’d gotten at a thrift store. Between songs he took sips of tea from paper cups and smoked his favorite cigarettes.
By the time the live album was released a year later, Kurt Cobain had been dead for 6 months. The only place to hear the songs
meanwhile had been on MTV where they were played often especially after his passing, keeping fans glued to the channel. 
When asked about favorite books in ‘93, Kurt said he’d read ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind about ten times. It made its way into Nirvana’s album artwork and music, particularly the song ‘Scentless Apprentice’ with its piercing wails of Go away! Get away!
‘I read it over and over again because I’m a hypochondriac, and it just affects me. It makes me want to cut my nose off… It’s about this perfume apprentice in France at the turn of the century. He’s just disgusted basically with all humans, but he can’t get away from humans…He only travels by night, every time that he smells human, even like a fire from a far-off way, he’ll just get real disgusted and hide away from people. I kind of relate to that.’


December 10, 2022: Oddities Market NYC

October 15, 2022: presenting new perfumes at Sniffapalooza NYC

Find our perfumes in Los Angeles, at Zakka Bakka Shop, 1709 N Kenmore Ave

Also part of the Gallery Weekend LA 'Art Products Market' at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, July 28!

Floral Freaks! A flower candy collaboration with Eugene J Candy Co.


'Foodgasm on 14th Street' is on exhibition in Los Angeles! Part of the scent art show 'Olfactory Art Keller at the Institute of Art & Olfaction. Feb 1-28, 2022. Opening reception Feb. 19, 6-9 pm

New York/ New Fumes Olfactory Art Keller, December 16, 2021- January 22, 2022. Opening reception 12/16 at 4-8pm.

New perfume: 'Witch's Feast' a collaboration with Melissa Jayne Madara, author of the new book 'The Witch's Feast: A New Kitchen Grimoire'

New perfume: Water Nymph, a seductive freshwater floral inspired by a pond full of wild water lilies


New perfume: PHANTOM ROSE, a noir androgynous floriental, a scented portal to 1920's Berlin cabaret!

New perfume + music collaboration Ylang Lianas, a tropical woody floral thru nocturnal rains. Music by Fredo Viola

New perfume: In The Pines an enchanted coastal terrain of pitch pine and blooming heathers

Venefica Magazine volume 3: 'From The Mugwort Field' writing and photography feature

2011- 2018:

Phoenix Botanicals perfumes at the Vice/ Broadly Astrology Conference

Vanilla & The Sea review by Ida Meister at Fragrantica 

Our perfume VANILLA & THE SEA nominated for the 2017 Art & Olfaction Awards~ get your bottle here

'An oceanic floral amber, Vanilla & The Sea perfectly captures the idea of a waterside stroll, complete with the metallic tang of seaweed drying on the rocks, the petrichor smell of a chill winter rain hitting the sand, the warmth of sweaters, jackets, gloves, and hats replete with a whiff of overheated skin under layers of cashmere, cotton and wool. A beautiful dream of winter. On the other side ... you find the same aroma of a winter beach but now surrounded by blooming tropical flower scents of narcotic and languid tuberose, sweet, bright and zingy citrus and the smell of sun-kissed sand tinged with a dab of salt-water tide pools... and therein lies the magical beauty of Vanilla And The Sea. It contains that often elusive perfume quality that transports you to unexpected and surprising locales and discoveries by constantly morphing and shifting as you wear it.'- Robbert B. Herrman

Cafleurebon New Perfume Review: Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea

Finalist - Artisan Category - Art & Olfaction Awards - Peach Tree Garden Botanical Perfume

AIX Artisan Independent Experimental Scent Fair, Hammer Museum Los Angeles

Cafleurebon Profiles in American Perfumery - Phoenix Botanicals

 'Ella' ~ a perfume created with vintage materials- reviewed at Colognoisseur , Cafleurebon , Eaumg

‘Scented Meanderings, Forest Wanderings’ writing feature in Plant Healer Magazine

Phoenix perfumes Vogue Magazine pop up at Colette, Paris

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