BOTANICAL PERFUME ~ Our perfumes are exquisite, wearable scented stories made of flowers, resins and roots. They develop and transform over time. Inspired by cross-sensory experience, connection with land and plants, experiential learning, deep ecology and storytelling, and just plain flower crushes. Blended with pure botanical essences in a base of organic jojoba or alcohol. Natural perfume is precious and ephemeral, wearing for about two hours on the skin.

APOTHECARY ~ Phoenix skin care is originally formulated for your experience of the healing energy of plants, their natural scent, and beneficial properties. Focusing on original botanical creations infused with fresh plants.

All our ingredients are organic or wildcrafted, and locally sourced whenever possible. Absolutely no synthetics in any of our perfumes or skincare.

Irina Adam~ artist, natural perfumer, herbalist, educator.

Phoenix Botanicals was named after the feeling of renewal after a day spent in nature- like a Phoenix! (Also, a pet cockatiel of the same name). I started making fresh plant infused balms and potions and eventually started blending perfumes. Similar to short films I was working on, I found botanical blends to be an intriguing medium for time-based storytelling, embodied through the transformation of the plant essences.


The intimacy with nature and plants experienced as a wildcrafter and woods wanderer has given me inspiration for many perfume compositions. I love delving into the subtleties of scent and feeling, of a midnight harvest of linden flowers, dawn wild roses, the tall meadow between forest edge and river, or an owl encounter under the stars. I work with botanical ingredients only, finding them most sensual, complex and transformative. With an affinity for plants, sometimes the perfect ingredient appears in a dream. I love experimenting and preparing my own tinctures, infused oils and enfleurage. Some favorite combinations juxtapose sumptuous florals with incense-like resins or strange, bitter roots. Whatever the inspiration, a perfume takes a life of its own throughout the blending process, turning into a wearable, gem-like work of art. I aspire for my perfumes to be talismans, evocations of nature’s wonder, meaningful and sensual adornments.' 

Phoenix Botanicals was founded in 2007, while Irina was apprenticing with local herbalists Robin Rose Bennett and Lata Kennedy, and working in ethnobotany research and indigenous culture preservation at the NY Botanical Garden, where she gained exposure to myriad cultural and therapeutic uses of plants. After creating a few perfumes she also studied with natural perfumer Mandy Aftel.

Proud to be sustainable, fair trade, cruelty free, and vegan (vegan exceptions: local, small farm beeswax in some items/ we also use cruelty free beach harvested ambergris in a few perfumes).

Thank you for helping us make a difference ~ We donate to, and are members of : Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and the Wild Bird Fund NYC.