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Phoenix Botanicals perfumes are exquisite, wearable scented stories made of flowers, resins and roots. Inspired by cross-sensory experience, connection with landscape and fauna, deep ecology, and just plain flower crushes. Blended with pure botanical essences in a base of organic jojoba or alcohol. Similar to short films, botanical blends can be a medium for time-based storytelling, embodied through the passing by of the various plant essences transforming on the skin. Our perfumes were twice nominated for the Art and Olfaction Awards.
Our organic and wildcrafted body care is formulated for your experience of the healing energy of plants, their natural scent, and beneficial properties.

Irina Adam is a natural perfumer, wildcrafter, educator and multi media artist. She started Phoenix Botanicals in 2007 while working in ethnobotany research for over ten years and apprenticing with local herbalists. She has a BFA in Photography from Indiana University, as well as a minor and post graduate studies in Botany. Based in NY, she frequently ventures into the wilds of upstate and Long Island.
More about Irina at the Cafleurebon perfumer profile.

Proud to be sustainable, fair trade, cruelty free, and vegan (vegan exceptions: local, small farm beeswax in some items/ we also use cruelty free beach harvested ambergris in a few perfumes).
Thank you for helping us make a difference ~ we are members of : Wild Bird Fund NYC and also donate to other environmental, social justice, animal and specifically avian welfare projects.

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